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I am very happy I purchased the Surgic Pro+ surgical micromotor and Ti-Max X-SG65L straight optic handpiece, a combination that is definitely lighter and less tiring to use than my old system. Dr Niamh Boyle, Dentist

Shorter and Lighter
This new surgical micromotor is 16.2mm shorter and weighs 42g less compared to the conventional optic surgical micromotor.

LED illumination helps the clinicians to focus more easily on the treatment area and contributes to precise surgery.

Clearer : LEDs generate natural daylight quality light which gives clearer vision when compared to halogen light.

Durable : LED light sources are longer lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs.

Advanced Handpiece Calibration
Use NSK Surgic Pro AHC to calibrate micromotor and handpiece to the rotational resistance of each individual handpiece prior to operation. AHC guarantees extremely accurate speed and torque for maximum safety during operation.

USB Memory and Data
Treatment data can be accessed and downloaded using a USB memory stick. You do not need to install any specific software as the data can be displayed with general-use software which can display .csv or bitmap files. Memory stick isn't included.

Foot Control
The Foot Control is user friendly and allows operation of all functions within the preset parameters without touching the control panel to avoid accidental activation of the micromotor outside the preset limits. The Surgic Pro/Surgic Pro+ is certificated according to IPX8.

You can operate both the implant motor Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3 ultrasonic bone surgery system with a single foot control by linking the two units with the link cable. Put the two units on the Link Stand and create a compact and space saving, all encompassing surgical treatment centre. The two systems can also be installed together compactly with a Link Stand that takes up minimal space.

  • Tech Spec

    • Maintain torque accuracy with AHC functionality
    • High precision calibration
    • Compact body and large LCL screen
    • Memorization of 8 different implant program systems
    • USB data management
    • Contra-angle X-SG20 L: Reducer 30: 1, double irrigation system for optimal external and internal cooling.

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  • Article - Lighter yet powerful clinical performance, with Dr Niamh Boyle

    Specialist Oral Surgeon, Dr Niamh Boyle talks about why she is so pleased to have discovered the NSK Surgic Pro+.

    As a Specialist Oral Surgeon in a practice solely limited to oral surgery and implant dentistry, finding exactly the right equipment that I can use all day, every day for both oral surgery and implant surgery is essential for me.

    I work in two referral-based specialist practices in Sligo and Donegal and I had been actively looking to upgrade my existing surgical system. After an hour or two in surgery I was finding the motor and handpiece on my old unit very heavy in the hand so I was specifically looking for a system that would withstand a lot of daily use and was lighter to hold and use. Reading one of the dental journals I came across an article explaining the advantages of the NSK Surgic Pro+ system. I contacted NSK’s Product Specialist for NI & ROI, Jonathan Singh who was extremely helpful. Jonathan gave me all the information I needed about the Surgic Pro+ and arranged to have the unit and handpieces sent to me so I could try it out in practice before making any decision to buy.

    An ideal combination
    I am very happy I purchased the Surgic Pro+ surgical micromotor and Ti-Max X-SG65L straight optic handpiece, a combination that is definitely lighter and less tiring to use than my old system. Doing both oral surgery and implant work it is ideal because everything is completely interchangeable so I can easily transfer between both procedures. It is very easy to programme, memorising up to 8 different implant systems, so I can just click the pre-programmed specific implant system I am planning to use and that’s it. You can check the accuracy of the torque value for specific treatments through NSK’s proprietary Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) which is very reassuring, especially for implant procedures.

    The Surgic Pro+ comes with a foot control for ease of operation and reduces any risk of contamination of the sterile field. The unit features an LED light that generates a natural daylight-quality light to illuminate the small surgical fields I can be working in. This is particularly useful for example when removing wisdom teeth.

    The Surgic Pro+ is noticeably quieter with less vibration than other units I have used. This is more comfortable for patients and makes treatment easier for me as listening to constant instrument noise all day can drive you a little crazy! The unit is compact so it doesn’t take up too much space, and being lightweight and portable it is easy to transfer between surgeries and other practices.

    Customer care
    Jonathan has been a great help to me, responding so quickly to my enquiry about the Surgic Pro+ and giving me all the information I needed. Having the opportunity to try out the unit for a few weeks before deciding to buy was a great help. Jonathan is easy to contact if I need any assistance and has visited the surgery to make sure everything is running smoothly. He also checked that we are operating and maintaining the unit and our handpieces correctly. I would definitely recommend the NSK Surgic Pro+ to any oral surgeon.

    For more information on NSK’s ‘Try before you buy’ scheme or for more information about their products contact Jonathan on +447464675158 or +35316950053 or email jsingh@nsk-uk.com. Alternatively call NSK on ROI 1800 848959 or NI 08006341909 or contact your preferred dental dealer.

    Dr Niamh Boyle Specialist Oral Surgeon
    BDentSc MFD FFD (OSOM) FFD (OS) RCSI DipConsSed (Newcastle)
    Practice limited to Oral Surgery, Implant Dentistry and Conscious Sedation
    Office 5, Quayside Shopping Centre Sligo,
    The Pink House, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal
    Tel: 0719150820 email: nb.oralsurgery@gmail.com